Conditions of participation for the FUJIFILM Printlife Photo Exhibition and Competition

  1. Organizer

The Organizer of this event is:
FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, Balcke-Dürr-Allee 6, 40882 Ratingen, Germany(„FUJIFILM“).

  1. The Exhibition and Competition

The title of this event is FUJIFILM Printlife. FUJIFILM Printlife is an online exhibition as well as a competition. You can take part in the online exhibition by submitting (a) photo(s) as described in this document. The photos will be shown under The photos we show on this website will automatically take part in the competition. You can win the prizes described below under point 6.

In addition, selected photos will be printed and shown at on-site exhibitions at the “The Photography Show” in Birmingham, United Kingdom in the period from 17-20 September 2022 and at the “Salon de la Photo” in Paris, France in the period from 6-9 October 2022. The photo will be exhibited together with the country and, if the participant has given its consent in accordance with section 4.4 below, also with first and last name of the participant. These printed photos will be destroyed when the show has ended.

  1. Participation

FUJIFILM Printlife is open to all persons aged 18 and over residing in one of the countries listed in the drop-down menu on the entry form on In order to participate in FUJIFILM Printlife you must submit a photo through the online form on the website in accordance with the conditions stipulated in this document. You can submit your photo from 1st August 2022 to 4th December 2022 inclusive. This time period is referred to as “Entry Period”.

  1. Procedure
    1. Every day during the Entry Period you can submit up to three photos. You can upload any photo you want or you can participate in the challenge by uploading a photo that matches the weekly theme chosen by FUJIFILM.  For submitting a photo you must use the online form. It is not permitted to submit photos in a different way.
    2. The submitted photo must be in JPEG file format with a minimum size of 1200x1200 pixel and a maximum of 5 MB. Also, you can import your photo from particular URL. When submitting, you must give your first and last name, email address and country. This information is mandatory and we need it to conduct FUJIFILM Printlife. While completing the online form, you can, also, provide to us the information on your age range, your level of photography, information about whether you regularly print your photos, and information about your favorite photo products. This data is, however, not mandatory for the participation and will be given by you on a voluntary basis.   
    3. If you give your consent by ticking a specific box on the upload form, the submitted photo will be displayed with your name.
    4. By submitting your photo you agree to take part in FUJIFILM Printlife and to be bound by these terms and conditions. After submitting your photo you need to verify your email address. For this an email will be sent to the email address you have submitted. Please follow the instructions in this email to verify your email address.
    5. Furthermore, FUJIFILM will send an email to the submitted email address to confirm the participation in FUJIFILM Printlife and to inform that we first check whether your photo complies with the exclusion criteria stipulated in section 4.7 below. Please note, only when we determine that your photo complies with section 4.7, it will be released. Depending in which country you live a voucher code is enclosed in this email as thank you for your contribution.
    6. The photo and the submitted information will be stored and processed in accordance with this document. For more information please refer to the Data Privacy section below.
    7. We will not accept competition entries that are:
      (a) automatically generated by computer;
      (b) completed by third parties or in bulk;
      (c) we deem unsuitable or offensive or which violate applicable law. Examples for such photos are: photos that would infringe copyrights, show forbidden content, are defamatory or humiliating or were submitted with bad intention like to mob or bully people;
      (d) incomplete or incorrect;
      We have no obligation to inform you that your entry was not accepted.
  2. Selection of winners

Every week during the Entry Period a panel of five judges will review the photos that have been submitted during the preceding week. The photos will be judged based on the most inspiring and unique content. The decision of the panel of judges (acting reasonably) will be final.

  1. The Prize Every week during the Entry period the following five prizes can be won:
    Prize 1: voucher for photo printing services in the amount of 200 EUR;
    Prize 2: voucher for photo printing services in the amount of 150 EUR;
    Prize 3: voucher for photo printing services in the amount of 100 EUR;
    Prize 4: one instax Link WIDE printer plus ten shots;
    Prize 5: one instax mini 11 plus ten shots
    The prize is as stated and cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged. There is no cash alternative. The voucher for photo printing services will be issued for local FUJIFILM photo printing platform depending on the country indicated by the winner. We will determine the colour of the camera. The camera colour may vary from the camera that is depicted on the FUJIFILM Printlife website. In general, we reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value in the event of unavailability due to circumstances beyond our control.
  2. Winner announcement

The winning photos (and your name, provided you have allowed us to publish this; please see section 13.4 for details) will be announced on the FUJIFILM Printlife website the latest one day after the selection. The winners will be notified via email within 10 days after the selection.

  1. Claiming the prize
    1. In order to claim the prize, the winner is required to provide FUJIFLM with their full name, email address and postal address.
    2. So long as the response in paragraph 8.1 is received, the prize will be delivered free of charge in accordance with our usual delivery terms to the address provided by the winner.
    3. The prize may not be claimed by a third party on the winner’s behalf.
    4. FUJIFILM will make all reasonable efforts to contact the winner. In the event that the winner fails to respond to FUJIFILM to confirm their acceptance of the prize and submit the information in accordance with section 8.1 within 14 days of being notified by FUJIFILM, then the prize will be forfeited.
    5. FUJIFILM does not accept any responsibility if the winner is not able to take up the prize.
  2. Transfer of Rights / Consent
    1. By submitting a photo you irrevocably transfer to FUJIFILM and its associated companies, simple usage rights without time or geographical limitation for FUJIFILM Printlife and associated PR activities. This includes in particular the publication, reproduction, illustration and publishing of the photo for the purpose of own advertising within the context of the FUJIFILM Printlife and presentation of FUJIFILM and its associated companies. This consent includes specifically the use of the submitted photo for
      a) presentation of FUJIFILM Printlife,
      b) illustration in publications and press reporting in any kind of media on FUJIFILM Printlife and
      c) information in the FUJIFILM and its associated companies intranet and social networks.
  1. Any further use of your photo, including commercial use, shall require your separate consent.
  2. Others may share you(r) photo(s) on social networks. Such photos can then be re-shared anywhere. By submitting a photo you consent that others are allowed to share your photo on social networks.
  1. Right to the Photo and Rights of Third Parties
    1. By submitting the photo you confirm that you are the creator of the submitted photo and have unlimited copyright and usage rights to it.
    2. By submitting the photo you confirm that the photo does not infringe applicable laws (e.g. infringing copyrights or showing forbidden content) or third party rights, in particular personal rights of people shown in the photo (e.g. the content of the photo is defamatory or humiliating or the photo was submitted with bad intention like to mob or bully people).
    3. You confirm that you have obtained consent from all individuals recognisably shown in the photo to the use of said photo as well from the subjects holding the rights on the trademarks or on the art pieces possibly portrayed in the photo (to the extend required).
    4. You shall hold FUJIFILM and its associated companies harmless with respect to any third-party claims arising from and in connection with the use of the photo in FUJIFILM Printlife as stipulated in this document regardless of legal basis.
  2. No consideration You will not receive a compensation or fee for the provision of the photo.
  3. General Provisions
    1. FUJIFILM accepts no liability for the occurrence of technical problems when completing the registration form and uploading the photo. FUJIFILM reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the FUJIFILM Printlife at any time, or to change the conditions of participation without prior announcement and without stating its reasons. FUJIFILM will exercise this right in particular if continuing to conduct Printlife cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. FUJIFILM reserves the right to make changes to the procedure and event date for FUJIFILM Printlife.
    2. FUJIFILM Printlife is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  4. Data Privacy
    1. The photo and the submitted information will be stored and processed in accordance with this document and our Privacy Policy. In case of discrepancies or contradictions between this document and the Privacy Policy, this document shall prevail.
    2. The data is collected, processed and stored to enable FUJIFILM and its associated companies to conduct FUJIFILM Printlife and perform media and social media as well as marketing activities as described in this document.
    3. Your photo and, if you give your consent by ticking a specific box on the upload form, also the name you submitted will be made public and be fully visible as described in this document.
    4. If you subscribe to our marketing communication FUJIFLM and its associated companies will use the personal data provided by you to send you their e-mail marketing communication in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    5. We keep the submitted photos and data as long as we decide to make FUJIFIM Printlife online available. If we decide to stop FUJIFILM Printlife we will remove your data from the website and delete it on our servers, unless you have subscribed to our marketing communication (such as newsletters). In this case we will keep your email address to send you our marketing communication in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    6. You acknowledge and accept that the photos you submitted can be accessed and viewed from anywhere in the world and that third countries outside the EU may provide for different standards of copyright and other proprietary notices. You may withdraw your consent to publish your name along with the photo in the future.


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