Conditions of participation for the FUJIFILM Print Life Photo Exhibition

1. Organizer and Exhibition

Organizer of the FUJIFILM Print Life Printing Photo Exhibition is
FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, Hessenstraße 31, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany („FUJIFILM“).
The exhibition will be held at

The photos will be shown at a FUJIFILM exhibition space (“Exhibition”).

2. Participation

Participation is restricted to individuals residing in the United Kingdom age 13, in France age 15 and in other countries age 16 and over. In order to participate in the Exhibition the person must upload a photo through the online form on the FUJIFILM website in accordance with the conditions stipulated in this document.

3. Procedure

3.1. Each person can participate with one photo. For uploading the photo the participant must use the online form. It is not permitted to submit photos in a different way.

3.2. The uploaded photo must be in JPEG file format. When uploading, the participant must give his or her first and last name, email address, country, city and a short message relating to his/her photo.

3.3. By uploading a photo the participant declares his or her willingness to take part in the Exhibition according to the conditions stated in this document.

3.4. The photo and the submitted information will be stored.

3.5. The photo will be printed by FUJIFILM at their cost. The (printed) photo will be shown at the Exhibition in the country the participant selected. FUJIFILM is entitled to exhibit the printed photo at one or more additional Exhibitions in the countries listed above under point 1. The photo will be exhibited together with the first and last name of the participant, the city and the message.

3.6. The participant does not have an entitlement to exhibition of the photo. FUJIFILM retains the right to not exhibit photos it deems unsuitable or offensive or which violate applicable law. Examples for such photos are: photos that would infringe copyrights, show forbidden content, are defamatory or humiliating or were submitted with bad intention like to mob or bully people. FUJIFILM has no obligation to inform the participant of this.

3.7. The uploaded photos and the submitted data will be deleted the latest on 31 March 2020.

3.8. The printed photos will be destroyed after the end of the Exhibition.

4. Transfer of Rights / Consent

By uploading a photo the participant irrevocably transfers to FUJIFILM and its associated companies, simple usage rights without time or geographical limitation for the Exhibition and associated PR activities. This includes in particular the publication, reproduction, illustration and publishing of the photo for the purpose of own advertising within the context of the Exhibition and presentation of FUJIFILM. This consent includes specifically the use of the submitted photo for
a) presentation at the Exhibition,
b) illustration in publications and press reporting in media on the Exhibitions and
c) information in the FUJIFILM intranet and social networks, as well as the website and social networks of the organiser of the Exhibition. Any further use, including commercial use, shall require separate consent by the participant.

5. Right to the Photo and Rights of Third Parties

By uploading the photo the participant confirms that he or she is the creator of the uploaded photo and has unlimited copyright and usage rights to it.

By uploading the photo the participant confirms that the photo does not infringe applicable laws (e.g. infringing copyrights or showing forbidden content) or third party rights, in particular personal rights of people shown in the photo (e.g. the content of the photo is defamatory or humiliating or the photo was submitted with bad intention like to mob or bully people).

The participant further declares that all persons recognisably shown in the photo consent to the use of said photo in the campaign. The participant shall hold FUJIFILM, its associated companies and the organiser of the Exhibition harmless with respect to any third-party claims arising from and in connection with the use of the photo in the Exhibition and for activities described under section 4, regardless of legal basis.

6. No consideration

The participant declares his or her consent to receiving no compensation or fee for the provision of the photo.

7. General Provisions

7.1. FUJIFILM accepts no liability for the occurrence of technical problems when completing the registration form and uploading the photo. FUJIFILM reserve the right to interrupt or terminate the Exhibition at any time, or to change the conditions of participation without prior announcement and without stating its reasons. FUJIFILM will exercise this right in particular if continuing to hold the Exhibition cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. FUJIFILM reserves the right to make changes to the procedure and event date for the Exhibition.

7.2. The participation is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

8. Data Protection

8.1. Protecting personal data is extremely important to FUJIFILM. The data is collected, processed and stored purely to enable FUJIFILM to hold the Exhibition and perform media and social media activities as described in this document. If you subscribe to our newsletter or other marketing communication we will use the personal data necessary or separately provided by you to send you our e-mail newsletter or other marketing communication in accordance with our privacy statement. The data will be made public as described in this document. By uploading the photo the participant consents thereto.

8.2. We may offer you to receive a free gift. For this you must submit your address in the online form. If you submit your address we only use your address to send you this gift.

8.3. The printed photos will be destroyed after the end of the Exhibition.

8.4. The uploaded photos and the submitted data will be deleted the lasted on 31 March 2020.


If you have any problems with the upload or other questions about FUJIFILM PRINTLIFE@HOME 2020, please send us an e-mail